Have to hide those eyebags!

Ferry ride to Tagbilaran/Tubigon, Bohol.

It’s a 1 hour 20 minute smooth sailing ride to Bohol. O.O

Sunny afternoon.

Late lunch and last batch for the day. LOBOC River!!! 🙂

*Lesson learned: Wake up when your alarm rings! And Start The Tour Early!*


Buffet lunch at one of Loboc’s floating restaurants.

Loboc is the hometown of the famous Loboc Children Choir who have been traveling to many countries in Asia, Europe, and the U.S.A to share their angelic voice with the world. Loboc is also well-known for its floating restaurants that cruise on the Loboc river and where you can eat Filipino food as much as you can eat and enjoy the live band or watch the Filipino folk dances being performed by the local dancers. The tour will end at Busay falls and then will return to its origin. bohol.ph

Loboc is one of the oldest towns in Bohol.


Before we visit some tiny-cute-creatures..

Buwis buhay muna..


You can choose your own ride, Combo: ZIPLINE + CABLE CAR

The MOST thrilling thing I’ve ever done, so far! 🙂

Actual photo, after the operator boys threw us in the air! Whooosh!

Met some Koreans and Japanese from DLSU.

Way back, Cable Car. 🙂 You can also choose: ZIPLINE+ZIPLINE.



Bohol has a tremendous lot to offer, so much that many tourists have a hard time to select those most important things to see in their limited time. You can easily spend a week on the island, and just see the highlights. bohol.ph


Will make another entry for Chocolate Hills and Tarsier Visit.

A lot more.. 🙂

xx, Barbz


Boo Cebu! LOL 😛

Last weekend, my friends and I flew to Cebu to celebrate Marc’s birthday and to have a bit of relaxation. 🙂 (okay, maybe the word relax won’t fit this tour)

This is actually our first flight.


We stayed at Verbena Pension House, Don Gil Garcia St. Capitol Site, Cebu City. It’s very affordable and they do have good Wi Fi! Very good I might say, though they (what’s the term?) turned it off on our last day. Is it goodbye? 😀

 For people out of budget, like us. 😀

Not for the “kanin club” though. Haha!

We ate at the nearest (and open) BBQ station. It’s like a food court selling only, but different kinds of barbecue. Name it, it’s there! And they also have this rice like suman (photo above) – sorry don’t know the english term of suman, will try to know it. Hahaha!!! 😛 It’s 3 Philippine peso each. Very cheap? Well, if you’re a kanin club like us, you won’t enjoy this. Haha! Not that it taste bad or something, it’s just that you have to have 3 or more of it to say you ate rice! Am I making any sense? Waa.. Change topic! 😛


I had to take a picture of the Crown Regency Hotel on our way to the pension house, for I know it will be our first epic fail in in this Cebu tourSky Walk/Edge of Coaster 

Ala Italian dinner at Da Vinci’s Pizza at Parkmall in Cebu. Marc’s post birthday celebration.

BO’s mango and chocolate cake. Yum! 🙂



Magellan’s Cross


Sto. Nino Church


Taoist Temple


We only got to visit this tourist destinations in Cebu because we don’t have enough time to go to each tourist spots, since you have to travel from here to there (Cebu cabs asks for higher price than here in Manila) though you may ride public jeepneys, if you’re that go! go! go! like we did. 🙂

Other reason why we lacked of time, is because we had palengke tour (market) for our pasalubongs! Hahaha! With that scorching heat, I meant really hot day in Cebu. XD

Since it’s super hot outside, we decided to have a tour in SM City Cebu and have a late lunch at Mang Inasal – for unlimited rice! Oh yes, we love unlimited rice!!! 😀

As hot as it was, it rained so hard! XD With lightning and thunder effect pa. Ayayay! How will we fly back home!? O.O


xx, Barbz

Ashes To Ashes

This blog entry is for my cousin, our kuya, our music-ian.


“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those who are crushed in spirit”

Psalm 34:18


It’s been four months now, since he left us and went up in heaven to be with our creator, to rock heaven with his music.

But it still hurts.

There’s still this disbelief at the back of my head. I think it happened so fast, and I know for a fact no one is ever prepared to lose someone. It’s hard to accept that you’re gone, that we will never hear you play your guitar or hit the drums, nor will we ever hear you talk and laugh, your funny expressions and the way you make fun of everything (haha! maokray ka din aminin mo!), honestly.. part of me won’t.


 This photos were taken a week or two before he passed away.

What about that pillow Kuya Jude?

Okay, you’re the man! 🙂

And there’s something about this day, that he happens to be in the middle of every shot,

and every shot, his there.


We weren’t that close, I know. But we share the same bloodline, and you’re my kuya, our kuya. If it’s hard for me to accept, what more with your sisters Krshna and Ala, even with your ‘brother buddies’ Kuya Jim and Ja – whom you shared most of your musical skills with.

We miss you so bad..

And I’m having tears as I blog..


Four months it is, our lives should continue to move on.. but as we step forth to our everyday journey, someone so special to you does the hardest part.


Someone is missing you too! 🙂

Zicri Ezra

 Your best remembrance.. 🙂I heard his big na, and is making kulet with everyone!


(sorry if I went through your facebook)
Rock And Roll in heaven! 🙂
We Love You, Always.
I broke down when  we were about to enter the church where we went kindergarten to prep school, and where he use to play the piano/guitar/drums(cymbals) and sing praise. 😦 This may be a long healing process for all of us, but I know you’re watching us from up there! 🙂 Please continue to keep us together – because you have that thing, that makes us all gather around, eat with our plates full, catch up, and make fun (of Thea). Hehehe!
You’re the best kuya we ever had. And always will be! 🙂
Don’t worry ’bout your baby Dragon, all eyes on him. ♥
‘’He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”


Got some “plan/s” for my mom’s birthday last Thursday, for there’s this long weekend coming up – very not so PNoy, but yeah, non working holiday on Monday to Tuesday. Best way to have that out-of-town everyone’s (specially me?) been longing to have! 😀

But, sad to say..

Aside from this storm, Mina, ate was confined @ St. Jude hospital since Monday because of Typhoid Fever! XD

She’s still at the hospital (waiting for that blood culture thing result) and doctor’s order to discharge. Jeez! We should eat healthy NOW, not just eat. Why so hard to be healthy? LOL 😛

Though sad me, for not having my plans done and won’t be able to go home this long weekend..

I think, Happy Mother she is. 🙂

Happy Birthday Mame, we love you! ❤ Your the best!!! 🙂


Happy Birthday to Takumi’s mom! (okay, so Takumi’s still in Ma’am Jena’s tummy)

One thing I like the most about birthdays? Humn.. Thinking the same? 😛



Why I haven’t seen this?!! O.O

@TheBagHag replied to my reply http://twitter.com/#!/TheBagHag  about Globe’s shitty signal (at that day). GOSSSSHHH! O.O I love her blog site http://www.thebaghagdiaries.com/ – so pardon if it’s such a big deal. Haha! 😛


Okay, so this one may not be a BIG deal. Yeah.. Cebu Pacific Air replied on my tweet too! :)) Haha.. Love the airline though, good planes and fast flight! Talking about landing 20mins early from our ‘scheduled’ arrival time, as much as we would like to stay on the clouds, better that we’ve landed already – bad weather! XD


Haha! 🙂 Here’s another one, saw this on twitter.

Mountain Leaders posted one of my blog entries – ’bout our “Trekking”  in Anawangin Cove. 🙂 Sorry not familiar with the site, but I’m flattered that they considered to re-post my entry to their site. Well, simply because I’m really not a mountaineer nor do I do trekking “a lot”. Hehehe! 😀


Actually there’e one reply, I got so kilig! Just can’t find the tweet though, so I can’t have a photo of it via prt sc. Haha! It’s from one of my favorite blogger, Patty Laurel dapattylaurel.blogspot.com. Won’t make kwento nlang why she replied, epic fail that tweet e. 😛 Hahaha!!! Follow her blog! 🙂 


(image from ivanhenares.com)

 Before we finally head back to the city, there’s one place in Zambales we shouldn’t and didn’t missed. 🙂

It wasn’t part of the “Island hopping tour” we had, but since it’s a must see when you go to Zambales particularly in Capones Island, we asked our good bangkeros to take us there. (Of course with extra pay) And + extra pay for their kindness and help at the same time. 😀


And so, wish granted!

Hehe! Bragged about it since the ‘planning’ palang!

Capones Island’s Lighthouse

the rocks of Capones

On my previous post of our Zambales tour, I mentioned that our second Island was Capones, this entry now is Capones’ other side. From big rocks on one side, now the rockier one. 😀

Boat ride from Anawangin, then that’s what you have to go through to get all the way to the top! And that’s only the start of it.. Haha! 😛 It’s actually like trekking, though a little less steep and a much easier way of climbing. Thanks to those man made stairs! 😀

Another climb? Ha! Died again. 😦

Half way..
Pass through the jungle! 😀 Okay, not a jungle.. only few trees! I love trees! ❤

Since it’s actually peak season, there’s about ten GROUPS lining from downstairs and I think another ten from the first level, 5 on another level and I lost count on the top of the light house. Note: I am not exaggerating the numbers!

Sa totoo lang, if you really wanna lose weight, you should try this Zambales Trip!

told ya! 😛


From downstairs, there’s two levels before you you reaach the top of the lighthouse. From that scary stairs shown above (that is actually balanced by it’s pole alone – no support from it’s sides, no screws or anything), to the first level of SAUNA. Haven’t been to an actual sauna bath, but I think I wouldn’t try after this. Then to the second level of SAUNA, yes, there’s another level! 😀 It was really hot, we even thought of backing out! Literal ha, mula sa kaanit-anitan ko, hanggang sa kapa-paanan ko pinawisan! Pambihira!!! XD

the only source of air, first level and thank goodness there’s little air coming in!

the only source of air, second level

Thank you Lord, for we’re finally on top of the lighthouse!

Been dreaming and wanting to see and climb a light house. And now, I’m totally overjoyed (obvious naman dba?) to fulfill one dream! Next should be in BATANES!!! 😀

Every hardship really has something good in return! Nax! 😛

Magnificent view!  🙂 Pilipinas kay Ganda! 🙂
My dream house, is actually a lighthouse. Ssshh! 🙂
Capones Island Lighthouse is a historic lighthouse located in Capones Grande Island off the coast of San Antonio, in the province of Zambales, in the Philippines. The light assists ships leaving and entering Subic Bay and Manila Bay. It has first-order lenses when it was first lit on August 1, 1890.
The original lamp and lantern room were replaced with modern solar-powered lighthouse light as part of the Maritime Safety Improvement of the Philippine Coast Guard. Only the tower though was renovated and the keeper’s house and the other buildings in the station were left deteriorating.